The Philippines: Love and Second Changes

I would like to share my story and maybe a little bit of advice for guys who are thinking about finding love in Asia.

Before I met my current awesome and beautiful wife I had been through some rough times.

I married my first wife (an American) when I was twenty years old. I thought she was the one for me and we would grow old together. We had a son and he has turned out to be a fine young man. But I can’t say that marriage turned out so well. Not long after my son graduated high school my wife said she wasn’t happy and wanted a divorce. She didn’t really give much explanation other than that. She never said that I was not a good husband or had failed her in some way. She just didn’t want to be with me any more.

A couple of years later I started trying to rebuild my life. I was not really in a hurry to get into the dating scene, but I knew it was either do that or never get married again. I have to say I really struggled with dating women here in the USA. I did meet some nice women, most of whom were divorced like me. I even dated a woman who had become widowed at a relatively young age. But something was just missing. I wanted to find someone who was different than the women I had been meeting.

That’s when I started thinking about marrying a woman from other countries. I decided to do some research online about it. I had heard about guys finding Russian women to marry. I chatted with a few girls from there but I never really built a true connection with any of them. Most of them were not really spiritual.

filipinamodelThen I started researching about women from the Philippines. I found this very helpful blog that helped me stay away from Filipina dating scams and focus my attention on women who were really serious about finding a life partner.

I was really amazed at the Filipinas that I chatted with: most of them were significantly younger than I yet seemed really open to romance with an older man. They also seemed really mature and committed to their families.

I eventually met a young woman named Ella. She was still a student when we first started chatting but she seemed wise beyond her years. She also had dreams and ambitions and was definitely not some party girl.

We chatted for a few months before I got up the nerve (and money) to go visit her. I don’t believe in “love at first sight,” but what we experienced was pretty close to that. Our face-to-face interaction was even better than our internet chats. I knew that I had found a very special young woman and I was so happy. I hated to go back to the USA but I knew I couldn’t stay in the Philippines forever. I asked her to marry me before I left and she accepted my proposal.

The next step was all of the visa processing. It wasn’t too bad but it did require some patience and guidance. Ella’s fiancée visa took about six or seven months to process. The waiting time was not easy for either one of us but we both believe it was worth it. We are both very happy now and have a child together (we may have more some day). All in all I am a very happy man and I’m thankful for getting a second chance at love.